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So, I know I post at teh ass crack of dawn and it's full of typos my sleep-addled brain doesn't catch (or else my drunk ass posted late in the night) and I end up having to edit out the next day.  It's a desperate need to get through the story and I know it's an awful way to deal with a story.  And I know I desperately need a beta to not only catch silly mistakes, but also to help with pacing issues and avoid info-dumps or say "hey, flesh this scene out" (because I had planned on more Sam n' Dean at the bar before Crowley walked in, and ended up glossing over that).

I'm hitting a point, though, where I also really need to bounce ideas off of someone before I get too far into the story and can't take back what I've established. 

I don't know why I do this.  I'm a shite writer, but I am incapable of writing a simple story.  I sat down and quickly wrote down a motivation document, detailing why different characters were doing what, and I think I surpassed ten different characters with ten different motivations, not counting the main characters.  Say what? 

So, if anyone's interested [in being spoiled], please PM me.  Either for regular beta'iing, or plot-brainstorming.
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